Monday, March 2, 2009

It's strange, the things you start to miss when you go away. 
It probably goes without saying but once you have had the pleasure of laying your eyes upon the pigment of my skin in summer and you have begrudgingly allowed me to borrow your sunglasses due to my lack-there-of, you will have realized that I am a native of the Pacific NW, webbed toes and all. Now that I have begun to extend my radius of travel, I find myself missing things I so take for granted when I'm home: 

+ those special sunny days in Seattle
+ the cherry trees that seem to be absolutely everywhere 
+ not to mention peeking in the windows of bakeries, eventually making my way inside to sample their tasty treats. I always secretly try to concoct the recipes in my mind. 

Both semi-sunny days and cherry blossoms are something of a rarity in South America. And I find myself walking past bakeries here with wide eyes, though I'm not quite sure why just yet. I feel a mixture of disloyalty and over-excitement at tasting a new culture. Looking at those plump empanadas I think, "I don't know if I trust you just yet." But I end up buying one anyway and my taste buds are so pleasantly surprised. 
I know I sure don't mind the change of weather in the meantime.  

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