Monday, June 20, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship with Chile

Sometimes Chile can be the most frustrating place in the world. Today I'm feeling more on the hate side of things.

Point #1 - After university begins its first semester all agendas go off the shelves, leaving me agenda-less.
Point #2 - Whenever you go to someone's house and leave something there it will be gone forever.
Point #3 - Littering. Every. WHERE
Point #4 - The lack of dryers makes for some really smelly clothes.

But then it surprises you and you have to laugh at how crazy Chile is.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Van and Me

Today, after a wonderful weekend of rest and friends, I'm having a hard time getting going. So I sat down with some Van Morrison and a cup of tea. just to think. I opened the sliding door and listened to the ocean and felt the warm breeze from the weird weather we're having (did I mention it's winter??)

I thought about our weekend. Our trip to the feria (farmers market).

See our two newest additions to the family on the left? They have now found their respective homes in our room and the living room.
And see our bounty?!
Did we just steal?
Can you believe it was all less than $16?
See that face? That's a combination of overstimulation and hiding a pair of braces. What's that you say? I don't have braces? I don't know.

For lunch we made yummy tuna burgers (recipe to follow) with rice and tomatoes.

Pedro was introduced to Nanci Griffith, a favorite of mine when I was little.
And I found out that tin foil can cut you.

We took a walk down by the water to say hello to the sea lions.
good morning, seagulls!
The Marine Science building
Then I worked away on some homework while Pepa snoozed.

That night I had my welcoming party with some friends and we went out dancing. Whoops... I forgot to take a picture of Martin and Paula! Sorry!

On Sunday we laid in bed for as long as possible. After opening all the windows for fear of overheating. 
We ate corn in bed... 

And I played with our funny little clementine...

Then we decided it was time to venture out of doors...
And out of our stifling little apartment. 

We watched the sunset with everyone else who had stopped their cars on their way home to take pictures. 
And we walked and walked. 

good evening world

It was a good weekend. Then, we woke up this morning and realized we had left the keys in the door. A sure sign of relaxation. Even though it gave me a little bit of a heart attack. 

So today it'll start again. Going through some normal routines and letting myself just be a little bit more. 
I'm trying my hand at "To-Don't" (even though as I write this i've already written my To-Do list for the day...). Sometimes things don't come easily. Sometimes you just don't feel like yourself. Maybe every once in a while you just need some time to remember who you are.

Friday, June 10, 2011

OMG Instagram

Sorry, but we finally got instagram. It's absorbing my life.

the view from Pepa's office

Martin, Pepa and Yoyi - my office companions

Shelves cause excitement around here

Happy Friday!! Tonight Pepa and I are putting up shelving in the living room! Yes!!! Shelves! We're having an especially exciting Friday around these parts, as you can tell.

To be honest I am entirely overly enthusiastic about the shelves. Lunch break just started and I've already spent the past 30 minutes looking at what kind of shelving I want to put in.

Unfortunately, we have a huge heater right below where the shelves will be, so I'm currently scheming ways that we can simultaneously hide the heater and work towards maximizing the space we have.

Since that wall is large and covered with boring wallpaper, I'm thinking of some long shelves that will span the entire room length.

Like this:


Or maybe something like this:


the second image obviously involves shelves that are broken up - which might add more interest to that boring wall. 

I think I'm kind of digging the second picture. We'll see which Pepa prefers.

But! Just when I'm started to feel like I'm obsessed with my home, we aren't having a completely lame weekend. Tomorrow is my arrival party in our friend's house. Lots of choripan, piscolas, and great company. I. Can't. Wait.
Tomorrow morning is also the farmer's market. 
We're actually having a great weekend, if I do say so myself. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

In search of light

Tonight I came home to an apartment that I'm wishing looked like this:


With maybe a little bit of this:


Awhile ago I bought this print:

Sadly, its been sitting on the floor along with all the rest of my artwork since I moved to Chile.

I'm hoping I'll finally be able to find a home for it. I think it might be an over-the-bed kind of print. I couldn't love it more.

You can visit Jen Ramos, otherwise known as MadeByGirl, on her blog ( or in her shop, which I linked under the photo of her print. It's inspiring to see a woman promoting her artwork so successfully.

Feels like home

I've been listening to this song on replay for the past hour or so. It feels so peaceful so early in the morning.

After a ferocious storm during the night, we woke up to sun streaming in through the gaps between our curtains.

Today Pepa and I are settling into our new life together. After work we are finally going to finish all of the laundry we have accumulated from our travels through Florida and I am determined to clean our floors. We are slowly but surely smoothing out the corners of our little apartment and making it our own.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Block Printing in India

I thought I'd share a really beautiful short video that I was just introduced to. It's from West Elm... yes, that's right.

Take a look...


I think it's about time to add a little bit more color to my environment. 


Today I'm thinking of citrusy colors and refreshing light walls. 

Maybe something a little bit like this...


I'm still getting used to this southern hemisphere.... help!

In other news, it's date night. Yeeeah sushi time.
Wishing everyone a lovely Wednesday. Two more days until the weekend!

p.s. where can I find these amazing rings??


(isn't it fitting that "Material Girl" by Madonna just came on my iTunes...)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's been a dreary day in Vina del Mar.
Today is also my first official day of work... and I can't seem to be able to keep my head in the game.

Today I'm dreaming.

I'm dreaming of hitting the road.
Going back to everything I know and love.

Please excuse the dirty side mirror...

today I am dreaming of all those things that are so far away from me now...

Like lovely friends in Vancouver

I miss the quirkiness of Whidbey Island

I miss summer music festivals at the Gorge with friends.

I could go on and on.
I miss you very much Pacific Northwest, especially in the summer.

I think on days like this it's important to remember all those things that you love about those you've left. Then, after you've sat with those memories, you let them go and enjoy the place where you now find yourself.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Here we go

The second post of the day! We're doing well so far!

Pepa and I recently took a trip to Florida to visit my family (and when I mean recently... we just got back yesterday).
To preface, this is not retirement Florida we're talking about here.
This is Flabama (Florida + Alabama, or the NW Florida panhandle, for all y'all who aren't in the know).

I've been going to the Seaside/Grayton Beach area from the time I was born and my extended family has lived there for over 20 years. Maybe you've visited, because it's a pretty popular place (word to ya mother), but if you haven't you should watch The Truman Show - then you'll understand.

We had a great time eating boiled peanuts, getting our fill of sweet tea and key lime pie and enjoying the beach every. single. day. Did I mention it's winter in Chile? Let's take a little look at that beach, shall we?

I die.
There is nothing like digging your feet into that sugar white sand.

On one particularly warm Florida day we headed out to Morrison Springs where we bathed in cool fresh water away from the alligators and sharks - much to Pepa's relief.

In the evenings we watched the bees in my aunt's garden and munched on strawberries.

Nights were spent on Grandmommy and Granddaddy's porch swing, listening to old stories and going through photos. 

Then we hit the road to Miami to visit friends and to take our flight back to Chile.

We never seem to take enough photos on these trips (we don't have any from Miami!), so I'm hoping to post more once my cousins and I have swapped photos.

Wishing you all a warm, relaxing, beautiful summer from the winterland in Chile.

The ebb and flow of things

Admittedly, I am neglectful of my blog... It's been almost two years since my last post. So here I am in Chile again, and ready for another shot at the blog world. Interestingly, this realization came about due to homesickness. I currently have one foot here in Chile and one in the United States. While some people thrive as vagabonds I just feel homeless. I can't seem to be able to lay down my roots long enough before I have to tear them up again.

So, in an attempt to gather my thoughts and understand how it is I belong in these two very different cultures and very distant countries, I want to share in this space.

I can't promise that I will always be on top of things, nor can I promise that it'll always be interesting, but that's life isn't it. I hope you enjoy my adventures as I try to make this little apartment feel like home. Between Pepa and I, we'll make it work.