Monday, June 6, 2011

Here we go

The second post of the day! We're doing well so far!

Pepa and I recently took a trip to Florida to visit my family (and when I mean recently... we just got back yesterday).
To preface, this is not retirement Florida we're talking about here.
This is Flabama (Florida + Alabama, or the NW Florida panhandle, for all y'all who aren't in the know).

I've been going to the Seaside/Grayton Beach area from the time I was born and my extended family has lived there for over 20 years. Maybe you've visited, because it's a pretty popular place (word to ya mother), but if you haven't you should watch The Truman Show - then you'll understand.

We had a great time eating boiled peanuts, getting our fill of sweet tea and key lime pie and enjoying the beach every. single. day. Did I mention it's winter in Chile? Let's take a little look at that beach, shall we?

I die.
There is nothing like digging your feet into that sugar white sand.

On one particularly warm Florida day we headed out to Morrison Springs where we bathed in cool fresh water away from the alligators and sharks - much to Pepa's relief.

In the evenings we watched the bees in my aunt's garden and munched on strawberries.

Nights were spent on Grandmommy and Granddaddy's porch swing, listening to old stories and going through photos. 

Then we hit the road to Miami to visit friends and to take our flight back to Chile.

We never seem to take enough photos on these trips (we don't have any from Miami!), so I'm hoping to post more once my cousins and I have swapped photos.

Wishing you all a warm, relaxing, beautiful summer from the winterland in Chile.

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