Friday, June 10, 2011

Shelves cause excitement around here

Happy Friday!! Tonight Pepa and I are putting up shelving in the living room! Yes!!! Shelves! We're having an especially exciting Friday around these parts, as you can tell.

To be honest I am entirely overly enthusiastic about the shelves. Lunch break just started and I've already spent the past 30 minutes looking at what kind of shelving I want to put in.

Unfortunately, we have a huge heater right below where the shelves will be, so I'm currently scheming ways that we can simultaneously hide the heater and work towards maximizing the space we have.

Since that wall is large and covered with boring wallpaper, I'm thinking of some long shelves that will span the entire room length.

Like this:


Or maybe something like this:


the second image obviously involves shelves that are broken up - which might add more interest to that boring wall. 

I think I'm kind of digging the second picture. We'll see which Pepa prefers.

But! Just when I'm started to feel like I'm obsessed with my home, we aren't having a completely lame weekend. Tomorrow is my arrival party in our friend's house. Lots of choripan, piscolas, and great company. I. Can't. Wait.
Tomorrow morning is also the farmer's market. 
We're actually having a great weekend, if I do say so myself. 

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