Monday, June 13, 2011

Van and Me

Today, after a wonderful weekend of rest and friends, I'm having a hard time getting going. So I sat down with some Van Morrison and a cup of tea. just to think. I opened the sliding door and listened to the ocean and felt the warm breeze from the weird weather we're having (did I mention it's winter??)

I thought about our weekend. Our trip to the feria (farmers market).

See our two newest additions to the family on the left? They have now found their respective homes in our room and the living room.
And see our bounty?!
Did we just steal?
Can you believe it was all less than $16?
See that face? That's a combination of overstimulation and hiding a pair of braces. What's that you say? I don't have braces? I don't know.

For lunch we made yummy tuna burgers (recipe to follow) with rice and tomatoes.

Pedro was introduced to Nanci Griffith, a favorite of mine when I was little.
And I found out that tin foil can cut you.

We took a walk down by the water to say hello to the sea lions.
good morning, seagulls!
The Marine Science building
Then I worked away on some homework while Pepa snoozed.

That night I had my welcoming party with some friends and we went out dancing. Whoops... I forgot to take a picture of Martin and Paula! Sorry!

On Sunday we laid in bed for as long as possible. After opening all the windows for fear of overheating. 
We ate corn in bed... 

And I played with our funny little clementine...

Then we decided it was time to venture out of doors...
And out of our stifling little apartment. 

We watched the sunset with everyone else who had stopped their cars on their way home to take pictures. 
And we walked and walked. 

good evening world

It was a good weekend. Then, we woke up this morning and realized we had left the keys in the door. A sure sign of relaxation. Even though it gave me a little bit of a heart attack. 

So today it'll start again. Going through some normal routines and letting myself just be a little bit more. 
I'm trying my hand at "To-Don't" (even though as I write this i've already written my To-Do list for the day...). Sometimes things don't come easily. Sometimes you just don't feel like yourself. Maybe every once in a while you just need some time to remember who you are.


  1. Wow. You that is a beautiful place! And that is a funny clementine!

  2. Jennifer - We call the clementine "la colombiana" because of its booty