Monday, June 20, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship with Chile

Sometimes Chile can be the most frustrating place in the world. Today I'm feeling more on the hate side of things.

Point #1 - After university begins its first semester all agendas go off the shelves, leaving me agenda-less.
Point #2 - Whenever you go to someone's house and leave something there it will be gone forever.
Point #3 - Littering. Every. WHERE
Point #4 - The lack of dryers makes for some really smelly clothes.

But then it surprises you and you have to laugh at how crazy Chile is.


  1. this is super interesting! I think these fun little quirks about cities/countries/traveling makes it so much fun. I love how different cultures can be!


  2. Megan - You are so right. It's funny because whenever I go back to North America to visit, I always have a moment of feeling culture shock. It's such a strange thing to see your culture again, in a new light.