Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fattin' It Up

Ay Caramba. Pepa and I have been fattin' it up this month, and folks, we have become chubs in the process. We're too young for this. Living with a man, however, can you make you do crazy things like eat 5 slices of pizza or lasagna with extra cheese. What were we thinking?

So today starts our new take on life. I actually got Mr. Pepa Whitebread to eat seed bread and he loved it.

Somewhere along the way, health got away from me. Pepa used to be a downhill bicycle champ. Then we started working and we got lazy.

Pepa, during his Abercrombie&Fitch days... not really

Anyway, we're starting anew. I really do think it's important to make time for exercise and to change those everyday unhealthy habits in healthy ones.

Some things we've starting to change are easy:
- I didn't like whole wheat bread all that much, so I tried seed bread and now I don't want anything else. Momma love her some seed bread
- We stopped drinking sodas and any other sugary drinks. Unfortunately, the water here is really not all that tasty, so we bought a filter that hooks right onto the spout.
- Pepa and I try to get at least 30 min of exercise a day. Now that we're working, it's a more manageable amount of time and we actually feel as if we're doing something. If we do more, great. If we do less, meh...
- We're also trying to use less sugar in our cooking. Now, when I'm baking, I usually use yogurt or applesauce so it's not overly packed with sugar.
- If we have someplace to go, we try to walk... if it's reasonable. Or we go on nighttime walks.

random picture from La Serena 
Anyway, I'm headed to lunch prepared by our French intern (yessssss). Day 1 of healthy new life: fail.

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