Thursday, November 17, 2011

Catching Up

I think it's safe to say that having two jobs is not really fun. And it's not exactly like I'm racking in the money because I make about $2.50/hour here in Chile. Yup. You read that correctly. So I'm currently working like a dog and racking in around $300 a month. But I also get to eat lunch on the beach everyday, so...

Is it inappropriate to talk about money on a blog?

Anyway, life sure isn't all bad. Pepa (the money-racker-in-er of the family) and I recently went camping with two of our favorite people near Pisco Elqui in the north of Chile. We ate lots of chocolate, baked in the blazing hot sun and swam in a freezing river (snow melt). And it was great. Way too great, because we didn't want to go home.

Maybe it was because we were so hungry, but this pastel de choclo quickly became one of my favorite things in the whole world. Oh, and the watermelon juice. Oh. My. God.

frozen watermelon juice, ensalada chilena and a pastel de choclo. sooo very yummy.

As I mentioned, the river was freezing, but the sun was so strong that taking a little dip every once in a while was absolutely necessary to survive. Yeah. it's that extreme. YEAH.

And then we came back to a short work week. Gotta love those short work weeks.

So here we are back in our little seaside town, looking for a new apartment.
Big updates, people.

not so clean
And Pepa/Pedro is in the process of selling his business and will have to stay here in Chile for 5 years. 5 whole years. So... we're currently considering BUYING an apartment. Did I ever think I'd say that at 23 years old? No, siree. But we're dreaming about our options and we'll see what we can find. But, ahem, we did just happen to take a look at some apartments that are being built down the road from us and we fell in love. Oh and did I mention it's at the top of our budget? Every night before we go to bed Pedro and I look at the booklet that they gave us as torture. We have fallen hard.

Also, due to the whole five years thing, I've decided to apply to medical school in Vina.
I'll keep you all updated on how our plans go.

I told you it was big.


  1. Buying an apartment is fun but so stressful! Watch out, the brand new apartments are WAY more expensive per square footage than the older apartments that you can buy, get more space, and then fix up!

  2. Kyle - I couldn't agree more. We decided to ditch the new apartment plans, though we still talk about how amazing that apartment was. We're planning on fixing one up. How's your apartment coming, by the way??

  3. that river is gorgeous and the foot looks delish. Living in chile for 5 years... sounds like quite the adventure ahead of you!