Monday, September 12, 2011

Signs of Spring:

1. A little sweet-smellng jasmine flower in my hair all day long (please excuse the big ole' bags under my eyes - it was a long night)

2. A beach picnic with my girl, Ale, despite the crazy wind and long hike. But it was worth it. Especially to eat the jaiba empanadas that we brought along with us. Mmm empanadas.

3. Trips into the beautiful woods full of pines and eucalyptus

4. BBQ's with new and old friends. 
September is a big month in Chile because Sept 18 is the Dia de la Independencia. So really, we celebrate all month long.

5. And last but not least!! New patas! woooo! For all those bike rides along the coast and in the sun (!!)

That's it, folks. Along with lots of ice cream, brightly-painted toes, and warm night air. I love this time of year.


  1. it's almost fall here, but these photos are lovely!

  2. Melissa - Thank you! I'm so torn because I've always grown up with fall in September. Now I feel a bit envious of all the fall-related activity going on up north.

  3. aw! what a cute, cute post! love these pictures.
    found you from rockstar diaries blog:))
    happy day!

  4. Thanks lowecase letters! Thanks for stopping by :)