Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lago Colbun

This past weekend was feriado in Chile (and nobody seems to know why) so some friends, along with Pepa and me, headed out to Lago Colbun.

Because the lake is about 4 hours south of Vina del Mar, the landscape and the weather can be very different. Being originally from Seattle, I love the south of Chile as it reminds me of my home; it's lush with green plant life and humidity. Which is one way of saying that it rains a lot...

Luckily the weather was beautiful and we got sun for almost the whole three days that we were there.

That being said, it was still pretty cold. We're just about to head into spring come September, so the air still has a chill, but the sun is really starting to shine.

If you're interested, we stayed in Cabañas Lago Colbun and we really loved it. The owner, Igor, is helpful and friendly. I would, however, recommend getting directions to las Siete Tazas from the local policemen, which we finally decided to do after hours of driving around in our friend's new car (which he enjoyed and we kind of enjoyed).

If you head up to the mountains there are thermal waters set into a beautiful valley. Word to the wise, there is no electricity at the termas and if you're looking to eat, bring your own food.

The lake itself is actually an artificial reservoir--supposedly the biggest one in Chile.
The dam, however, is inaccessible unless you happen to work there. Which we don't.

We ate more meat than I thought humanly possible and made s'mores with what we could find in the local market (read: cookies and super sweet marshmallows). Though we stayed pretty active playing frisbee and hiking, at night we gained any weight back that we might have lost--and then some. It was thoroughly satisfying to say the least.

Ale and Jota enjoying some Chancho en Piedra

There was a full moon while we were there
And after a long weekend this has been a wonderfully short week.

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