Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello Spring

The transition from winter into spring always ignites a flame in me. I think this would be called something like 'Spring Cleaning'...of the mind. I feel more motivated to get all those projects done that I had been obsessing over during the winter months.

With this transition into spring has come the welcoming of new flowers into the house. These flowers that I picked up for $1 a bunch (oh yes, that's right) are some variation of the protea genus. I feel so proud (one! dollar! a bunch!) every time I look at them.

This weekend wasn't really all that conducive to having a typical spring outing, but Pepa and I got together with some friends anyway and headed out to a nearby oceanside town called Quintero.

Entering Quintero. That's Pepa and our friend, Jota, on the motos
 We stuffed ourselves with Pastel de Jaiba, shrimp and cheese empanadas, ceviche and salmon sashimi. We somehow managed to also make enough room for some pie de limon. Unfortunately, with all the ferocious eating going on at our table, I did not have enough time to take pictures.

Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't get more pictures because there were so many interesting details put into that little restaurant. Like a whale and turtle formed out of wire and decorated with beads and paper. Or a wall made out of driftwood and inlaid with pieces of colored glass.
It was lana as Chileans would say...meaning it was a hippie place.

But it was windy. And cold.

And it rained for the rest of the night.
My hopeful Spring day turning into the perfect reminder of the cold winter months we were so soon leaving behind.

So we snuggled in bed and turned on the heater and spent our Sunday night watching movies and staying warm.

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